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18 days

FFP professional certificate International Mobility Manager

Key points

  • Professional certificate recognized by the Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle (FFP) – Federation of Professional Training
  • Training program compatible with the pursuit of a professional activity
  • Teaching staff comprised of expert advisors
  • Several certificate courses throughout the year
  • Short, operational training courses which incorporate the latest developments
  • Personalized follow-up and assessment of learning outcomes after each training module
  • Final exam in front of a professional panel


Phase 1 : 8 modules, i.e., 18 days of Classroom Training

  • Expatriate management - 3 days
    Labor law, social protection and taxation
  • Short-term international assignments - 1 day
    Employer’s obligations: social security law, labor law and immigration
  • Status of inpatriate employees - 3 days
    Immigration formalities, labor law and social protection
  • Expatriate pensions - 2 days
    Impact on pension totals of periods spent abroad
  • Expatriate salary and remuneration - 3 days
    Mastery of calculation techniques
  • Management of intercountry employees and "Third Country Nationals" (TCN) - 1 day
    HR and social protection aspects
  • Expatriate taxation - 2 days
    Optimize the cost of your international relocations
  • Expatriate management – Advanced training - 3 days
    Cross-functional case studies: labor law, social protection and taxation

Publications Provided

Phase 2

Individual Coaching and Monitoring of Training Outcomes
Every participant receives follow-up and personalized assessment throughout his or her training program: Q&A service; individualized coaching through distance-based tools; and monitoring of training outcomes at the end of each training module by an evaluation questionnaire.

Final Exam in Front of a Panel
At the end of the final training module in the certificate course, the trainee will decide with the appointed advisor upon the topic of the thesis which he or she will have to defend in front of the panel at the final exam. The appointed advisor will provide coaching via an online e-tutoring solution for preparation of the thesis. The trainee has a maximum of three months to complete this work, starting from the last day of the final module

Final Exam in Front of a Panel
The participant will defend his end-of-course thesis in front of a professional panel comprised of:

  • An expert advisor; a specialist in the field of the certificate course taken
  • A professional experienced in the field of expertise covered by the certificate course
  • A supervisor from the GERESO Intercompany Training Center

Phase 3

Issuance of the Expert Certificate
The FFP Professional Certificate is issued to the participant following defense of his or her thesis in front of the panel, provided that the average marks given to him/her at knowledge assessment tests (following each training module and at thesis defense) are equal or higher to 10/20. Failing this, he or she will receive an attestation which validates those training modules for which he or she has achieved the required level.

Objectives and Program

Objectives of the Certificate Course

  • To be acquainted with the social and fiscal regulations governing inpatriation and expatriation of employees
  • To prepare employment contracts
  • To calculate costs of expatriation and posting of workers internationally
  • To adapt social benefits to local practices
  • To prepare remuneration packages
  • To manage social protection for internationally mobile employees
  • To handle all necessary migration formalities
  • To handle administrative follow-up and wages for expatriates and inpatriates

Certificate Training Program

Expatriate Management - 3 days

  • Expatriate employment contracts
  • Social protection of posted workers
  • Social protection of expatriated employees
  • Fiscal impact of expatriation

Short-Term International Assignments - 1 day

  • Formalize the short-term international assignment (less than 12 months)
  • The major principles regarding emigration abroad
  • Acquaint oneself with social protection regulations as part of an assignment abroad
  • Fulfill one’s obligations as an employer
  • Acquaint oneself with and list all forms required in connection with international stays of less than 1 year

Status of Inpatriate Employees - 3 days

  • Status of inpatriate employees in labor law
  • Status of posted workers
  • Immigration formalities
  • Foreign nationals not required to hold a work permit (law of the 7th of March, 2016)
  • Foreign nationals required to hold a work permit
  • Change from student to employee status
  • Posted worker as defined by the Social Security System
  • Inpatriate employee as defined by the Social Security System

Expatriate Pensions - 2 days

  • Validation of periods spent abroad
  • Benefits under basic statutory schemes
  • Application for a pension statement and coordination rules
  • Additional schemes
  • Procedures to complete
  • Center for European and International Liaison on Social Security

Expatriate Salary and Remuneration - 3 days

  • Overview of different types of international mobility
  • Posted workers’ salary
  • Expatriate employees’ salary
  • Putting together the remuneration package
  • Cost of international mobility

Gestion des salariés inter-pays et des "Third Country Nationals" (TCN) - 1 day

  • Economic and legal context of Third Country Nationals (TCN) and intercountry employees
  • Identify and analyze management issues
  • Differentiate legal frameworks of reference
  • Identify risks

Expatriate Taxation - 2 days

  • Determine tax residence
  • Transfer of tax residence outside of France
  • Tax residence in France and work undertaken outside of France
  • Employer’s role in employees’ income tax

Expatriate Management - Advanced Training - 3 days

  • Assignment, posting, expatriation, local contract: impact of these various options
  • Employment contract
  • Social protection
  • Taxation


Target Group

Target Group

HR assistants and managers


At least three years’ experience in personnel administration. Basic knowledge of labor law and French social security law, or completion of the following GERESO traineeships: “The Fundamentals of Labor Law” (L'essentiel du droit du travail) and “The Fundamentals of Social Protection” (L'essentiel de la protection sociale).

Schedule & Price


7th to 9th February + 12th to 14th March + 21st March + 4th to 6th April + 12th and 13th April + 17th and 18th May + 21st June + 25th to 29th June, 2018

19th to 21st March + 4th to 6th April + 17th and 18th May + 21st June + 22nd June + 27th and 28th September + 1st to 3rd October + 26th to 28th November, 2018

22nd to 24th May + 18th to 20th June + 27th and 28th September + 8th October + 9th October + 15th to 17th October + 5th and 6th November + 26th to 28th November, 2018

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Espace Formation GERESO
22 place de Catalogne, 75014 Paris

Practical Details

€10,278 excl. Tax (of which €895 excl. Tax is for certification fees) including:
• Meal package
• Materials + e-resources
• forMetris evaluation
• Individual follow-up
• Monitoring of training outcomes at the end of each module
• Exam preparation
• Final exam in front of a professional panel
• Professional Certificate recognized by the FFP and the OPQF Validity: 31/12/2018
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